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I'm from a small town in the southeastern part of the state. I'm regularly archery hunt in the western part of the state on public land (around Spearfish, Bison, Bonesteel, etc.). However, I'm hoping to get some private access this season.

I'm willing to help with your farm or ranch, or could offer other services to gain permission. I'm a professional photographer, so I could also get pictures of your property or family if that would be of interest. I harvest multiple deer every year and only have a small family to feed, so I'm willing to give you a deer if you'd like meat. I'm self employed, so if you'd like help around your place on a random weekday, I can almost always make that work.

I'm very respectful of landowners, and have hunted private ground in the eastern part of the state all my life. I understand that you may have restrictions about hunting near cattle or driving on certain parts of the property, and will absolutely abide by those rules.

I'm willing to drive to any part of the state, so please don't hesitate to contact me. I'm also not afraid to pitch a tent or stay in a small town motel, so don't think you'd need to come up with any lodging if I were to hunt your place.

Thanks for your time!
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